Founded in Boston, USA at 2019, MYZIJI is a dance-inspired fashion line, dedicated to high-quality products that make you feel confident and comfortable. ZIJI ventures to translate the passion, diversity, and athleticism of dance styles into fashion pieces that allow dancers to fully express themselves and their artwork.

“ZIJI” is a word that originates from the Mandarin language and means “yourself.” We’ve chosen this to be the center of our brand as we believe true beauty is realized when one embraces their passion and boldly expresses it on their own body. At MYZIJI, we strive to create styles that inspire you to be no one else but the best version of yourself.


MYZIJI features inspirational designs that provide effortless movement in all areas of life. From trendy clothes and shoes to unique accessories, MYZIJI makes sure everything offered will make you feel the freedom and recognition you deserve, whether during your workout, dance, or a special occasion. Our products have been quality tested multiple times by professional dancers and athletes to ensure they are comfortable and conform to body movement.

Clothes: We believe looking good will make you feel good. We design trendy dancewear, activewear, and streetwear without compromising comfort. Our designs provide a body-conscious fit you will love.

Shoes: Our designs are inspired by dancers and their beautiful movements. Our one-of-a-kind shoe collections are versatile and are suitable for indoor dance, outdoor events, or special occasions. Our shoes are customizable for your unique needs. Each pair of shoes feature an extra padded sole and design details on the ankles support. Our dance shoes are made to be worn for several hours and support the arch of the foot.

Customized Design: We also provide fabulous customized performance costumes and customized printing shirts for teams. Please email us for inquiries: info@myzijidance.com.

Accessories: Unique and useful accessories are a must to highlight your look. We also provide shoe care products for you to take care of yourself, as well as your beloved shoes.


  • Wholesale: We offer flexible packaging for wholesale orders shipped worldwide.
  • Team order: We design and customize team dance costumes, uniforms, and shoes for team branding.
  • Retail: We provide the ability to easily purchase, exchange and return retail items online.

For inquire please email info@myzijidance.com. Please do not hesitate to reach out and tell us what you need. We are here for you!


Our mission is to develop products that catalyze positivity, self-expression, and community. We strive for high-quality and elegant designs that inspire you to embrace the freedom of movement. Our goal is to share the art of dance by design and empower women in any shape and skin color to feel special.

Inclusion – At MYZIJI, we appreciate diversity. Our mantra is that diversity is beauty and strength. We work hard studying different body types so that we can offer the best styles for you, from petite to plus sizes. MYZIJI does not tolerate discrimination of any sort, including size, shape, race, age and beyond. We continuously seek ways to gather feedback, understand our community, and become more inclusive. We are always willing to learn and expand our business so that everyone feels included and valued.

Sustainability - We love our mother earth. Sustainability is one of our tasks which we monitor closely during our production. To minimize waste, we only make limited items for each design; and we work closely with our local and overseas partners to make sure our material is environmentally friendly. Any leftover material is recycled and turned into useful accessories or elegant touches for people in need.

Meet the Designer

Sherry Chen

Sherry Chen, the visionary designer of MYZIJI, seamlessly integrates her passion for art and dance. Holding degrees in International Business and Communication from England and a Master Degree in New Media from Hong Kong. Sherry's move to Boston, Massachusetts opened the door to a transformative dance community. This experience not only shifted her perspective on life but also sowed the seeds of inspiration for the creation of MYZIJI.

With over a decade of design and marketing expertise, Sherry established MYZIJI to merge her love for dance and design, fostering a community united by uplifting experiences. Beyond design, Sherry's keen interest in photography is evident in the catalog. Collaborating with dancers, models, and professionals, her ultimate fulfillment lies in helping individuals discover their true beauty and strength.

Meet The Team

Reni Gongora

Sales Manager

Reni Gongora

Meet Reni Gongora the visionary force behind RNA Dance Company, a professional bachata dancer and DJ extraordinaire. With a passion for Latin rhythm, over the course of 8 years, he's trained over thousands of dance enthusiasts in bachata & salsa, helping them to reach a new potential. As the proud owner of RNA Dance Company, his commitment to excellence extends beyond dance, shaping the dance community and providing them with high quality dance shoes from MYZIJI Dance Fitness. He loves working with MYZIJI because their edgy dance shoes complement his rocker style, allowing him to merge comfort and flair effortlessly, ensuring dancers experience both performance excellence and unmatched style. He is more than proud to represent this dance shoe company with his professional dance reputation in the scene.

Vivien Wu

Regional Manager (East Coast USA)

Vivien Wu

Vivien is a member of several Boston dance teams and loves supporting the dance community. Her other professional experiences include real estate, nonprofit organizations, and tutoring. Her background in financial services and partnerships helps her support dance studios, team directors, and event producers in their account management and services with MYZIJI. Vivien Wu has been in love with dancing since college when she joined a folkloric dance team, and fell hard for Latin dance when she discovered bachata and salsa during the pandemic. She loves helping customers find their perfect fit and understand any features they need for training, practice, performance, and any other dance needs. She loves working with MYZIJI because the creative energy of dance and fashion coming together is the most exciting place to be!

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MYZIJI, be no one else, but the best version of yourself!